Apocalypse World: Overgrowth

Forward Momentum

-The scene opens with Sorrow getting jumped by the Raiders. Sorrow is beaten, but e reaches into the mind of Krunk, forcing her to back off before the beating becomes to severe.
-Time jumps 4 days, during which time Hide sleeps with Mumps
-Setter, still recovering, asks Clutch (through the raiders) for medical supplies. The call is answered by an Elite guard.
-At the first Market Day, Sorrow and Winkle roam the sales tents. At one point, Mumps approaches, goading Sorrow and greeting Winkle.
-In Hide’s fashion display, Mumps requests a product and Tao approaches with a gift of fine stones. Hide rejects the gift at the time, offering instead for Tao return later that evening.
-Sorrow and Hide speak, and Sorrow offers Hide to visit eir that evening.
-Sorrow then goes after Mumps, seducing him into an ally way and then implanting the command within his mind to kill Krunk.
-Amidst the heat of the Market, Rothschild disappears.
-Setter goes to Clutch before the Toys R’ Us mission. Clutch asks Setter to spy on Krunk, and Setter agrees
-The Raiders head to Toys R’ Us, during which time Setter figures out that Krunk is looking to close ranks against Clutch, and is also bitten by an unknown insect
-Back at Sorrow’s tent, Winkle reveals that she has worm-rot. Sorrow takes Winkle to Clutch, who dismisses her condition and says he can’t help.
-Tao shows up at Hide’s, only for Sorrow to show up shortly later for their date. Hide, in a panic, rushes Tao out of the door, but only after agreeing to his condition of his taking a key to Hide’s him with him.
-Sorrow and Hide converse, and Sorrow asks how the two can become friends. Hide answers “with gifts”
-Setter and the Raiders take Toys R’ Us, but lose several men in the fire fight. They discover, in addition to the medical pavilion, a large unknown machine originally guarded by black robed brainers.
-Upon returning, the Raiders host a mourning celebration for their fallen comrades. During the drinking, a feverish Mumps enters the bar and attempts to shoot Krunk. He is quickly shot dead, but Setter’s attempt to assist the assassination is almost seen by Krunk, leading to a stare-down between the two – guns drawn.
-Inspired by her near death, Krunk leads the raiders to take over the bar, declaring her and her people the “Sovereigns.” Setter is asked as to his loyalty. Upon responding with a vote of neutrality, he is locked down in the medical pavilion as a prisoner.
-At Sorrow’s tent, Sorrow seeks the location of Fig in the Maelstrom, but is offered only Fig’s captor, one of the Mad Hatters. Winkle addresses Sorrow’s visions, and the two discuss the Maelstrom briefly. Winkle makes advances on Sorrow, and when turned away, she lashes out psychically at eir.
-Winkle flees Sorrow’s tent, and Sorrow follows. Hide see’s Sorrow grab hold of Winkle and begin dragger her back to the tent. E interveins, grabbing Sorrow and demanding that E let Winkle go. In the struggle, Winkle lets out a deafening psychic shout, stunning the two. In their stupor, Winkle runs headlong into the woods. Hide and Sorrow soon come to themselves and pursue.



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