Apocalypse World: Overgrowth

Session 1: Introductions

The first session

-Open S-Mart, trade hub nestled in the overgrown apocalyptica, aptly placed between various compounds in the area
-Enter Setter, the Angel, as he attempts to purge flesh-worms from a traveling pilgrim
-Enter Sorrow, the cat-wielding cult leader, who provides “yellow” for Sorrow’s people
-Recall Winkle, Sorrow’s adopted family member, who kissed Setter in secret from Sorrow
-On a raid, Setter shows his aptitude by defending the escape car from a armed young man
-In the settlement, Sorrow shares Yellow with the pilgrims, drawing their attention. A larger ritual is planned for later that night.
-Later, Setter speaks with Krunk, the raid leader, who shares her interest in adopting Setter into the raider’s fold in exchange for a medical stockpile. Setter asks for an alternative exchange, which Krunk says must be at least three others.
-Sorrow’s ritual between Sorrow’s people and the Pilgrims commences, sending the lot into a spiraling, orgiastic flurry
-Meanwhile, Setter visits Winkle in Sorrow’s home. Winkle expresses desire to try Yellow, which she has been forbidden to use. Setter convinces her to try it, wishing to garner rapport with her to get into her pants.
-Under the Yellow, Setter experiences a hyper focused state, and realizes that Lizard, Sorrow’s right hand, is moments away from entering the room. Setter flees, leaving Winkle alone with the Yellow. Lizard sees the infraction against Sorrow’s will, and proceeds to beat Winkle viciously.
-At the ritual, Lizard returns, but Sorrow divines his actions and turns the mob against him. Lizard is killed brutally by rock and stick and hand.



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